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Since our inception, we have been dedicated to implementing green construction and sustainability practices. Our portfolio is a testament to this commitment, encompassing a wide range of projects that demonstrate our expertise in sustainable construction. This includes prefabrication, adaptive reuse, Passive House, and LEED-certified new buildings. Notable projects include Quincy’s City Hall, Lexington Place (one of the first mixed-use, multi-unit residential buildings in the country to receive LEED certification), The Chace Dormitory at Brooks School in North Andover, Cambridge’s Dana Park Place, and the Eastham Public Library, stand as landmarks of our sustainable construction practices.

We believe in the power of preservation, restoration, and reuse of buildings, and we strive to stay at the forefront of high-performance building standards. Our team is encouraged to pursue credentials and continuing education in leading sustainability standards such as Passive House, LEED, and Energy Star. We also train our staff to ensure compliance with the latest building energy Stretch Codes and other relevant building code requirements.

At Nauset, we are not just constructing buildings; we are contributing to a sustainable future.

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